A family photo shoot at Kew gardens, london


It's always a privilege to be asked to photograph a family for a second time, even more so when the family live in the U.S. and only visits London for the odd vacation. Our schedules were tight but so excited were they to meet up again that they headed straight for Kew Gardens after landing at Heathrow. Looking at the photographs, you would never believe that these guys had just jumped off a transatlantic flight! 

Kew Gardens brought out all the stops to impress with the beautiful English rose garden in full bloom. After the 11-hour flight the family were ready to stretch their legs so we wandered around Kew's beautiful landscapes. The girls played and danced and I even taught them how to make a daisy chain - apparently there aren't many daisies in Texas! As you can see from the photographs below, the family had a great start to their summer vacation in London. I was so happy help them create these beautiful memories and it was amazing to see how much their oldest child had grown since our first London vacation photo shoot back in 2015.

I hope you enjoy looking through the gallery from our time at Kew Gardens.