The perfect photo isn’t of you all looking at the camera with cheesy smiles, it’s in a tangle of arms and giggles; in the joyful messiness of real life and love.

Inspired by the simple sweetness of the everyday, I combine family documentary, lifestyle and classic portraiture to tell the story of who you all are - right now - with a beautiful light and airy aesthetic.

No forced smiles. I believe in surprises, in little messes, in moments when kids think no one is looking.

Helping create heirlooms for your family


my approach

Sessions that flow organically so you can relax, have fun and be yourselves

By nature, I have a very gentle and easy-going personality, and my shoots are playful experiences. I only shoot on location; in places that hold a special family meaning. Whether it's your home or a favourite park, the places you'll always remember are the most natural settings for your story.

To put you at ease and document your family in the most honest way, I let my sessions flow organically, always being led by the little people I'm photographing. Being a mother, too, I know how important it is to be patient and calm as a newborn is fed and comforted, or as a toddler slowly sheds her camera shyness. Occasionally, I may give some gentle direction to make sure everyone is in the best light, but I am mainly an observer capturing memories as they unfold.

Learn more about how my shoots work or drop me a line and we can chat through ideas for your family.

Jess's photographs have a beautiful quality
- full of light radiance and colour."

grace / kensington

I love exploring life's moments and capturing them on camera. Big ones like the birth of a baby, simple ones like a family day out or a tickle fight. Years later, when we look back and re-live them, it's as if no time has passed at all. Like magic. I'm inspired by that magic. A sentimental nostalgic at heart, I enjoy whiling away the hours flipping through old family photo albums. 

Though photography began as a hobby for me when I was just a teenager, it soon became a way for me to be creative and also preserve special memories; a way for me to tell stories. My love to document the world with pictures grew as I did, and became even stronger with the birth of my first child ten years ago.

I wanted to hold on to every second of this new life unfolding before me. Initially, it was all about firsts: first smiles, first steps, first holidays - until I realised there was magic in everyday moments, too.

About Jess

If you are expecting a new baby or looking to document
your family's story I cannot wait to hear from you


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